Safety Funds

Safety of our clients’ funds is our top priority.

8 Big Reasons why your funds are safe with CXM Direct

High Regulatory Standards

CXM Direct Group umbrella includes FCA regulated broker, ensuring that all our policies and procedures are designed with highest regulatory standards in mind.

Segregated Customer Funds

All our customer funds are held in segregated accounts with top tier banks and selected financial institutions. It is also CXM company policy to never use customer funds for any of the company’s business financing needs, hence affording our customers funds the safety they deserve.

Negative Balance Protection

Unlike traditional futures or options brokerages, CXM Direct offer all its clients negative balance protection guarantee. Even during the fast-volatile market moves, you will never experience losses that exceed your account balance with CXM Direct.

Robust Risk Management

CXM Direct pedigree is deeply rooted in managing institutional grade liquidity and working with professional clients. Our team boast decades in combined risk management experience, with multiple successful “black swan” event behind our belt. CXM Direct is using state-of-the-art real-time liquidity and risk management monitoring tools and proprietary algorithms in order to match our Top-tier liquidity providers with our clients’ trading orders.

Stringent Capital Controls

CXM Direct only works with carefully vetted payment system providers with tight risk management controls on all the transactions and swift settlement of funds, hence reducing the 3rd party risks to a minimum.

Regular Audits

Having a global network of companies, CXM Direct conducts periodic audits of all its books and transactions with daily internal reporting affording the highest level of hands-on financial management

Secured Member Area

Each registered client or partner of CXM Direct enjoys a secured Member Area with high level of encryption protocols and auto-detection of suspicious activity

DDOS Protection & Multiple Redundancy

CXM Direct invested heavily into building the best in class DDOS protected server network with multiple layers of redundancies, backup hardware and software tools, failover price feeds, global datacenters and optimized regional routing networks, giving our clients a 99,99% server uptime and carefree trading experience even during the most highly traded global news events

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Exceptional Trading Conditions

Trade confidently with a regulated broker. Open the CXM Direct account that suits your needs and enjoy the benefits of a truly unique unparalleled trading experience.
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